ARTRAX Farm / Trail Tyre

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Soft / intermediate terrain tyres.

  • Artrax MX Pro tyres offer excellent traction in ruts and flat corners.
  • Tread pattern offers great traction in all terrains and improves braking grip.
  • Durable tyre compound.
  • 90/90-19 & 110/90-17 correct sized tyre for XR150L Farm bike.

Available sizes:  

Description: Part No:  Tyre Rating Type:
110/90-17  A1711090AT9003  60M Offroad
100/100-18 A18100100AT9003 59M Offroad
90/90-19 A199090AT9004 59M Offroad
80/100-21 A2180100AT9004 51M  Offroad