Bike Lift FS10 Front Stand

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FS-10  Universal front adjustable stand. Fits under forks using sliding adaptors. Includes SAC-10 or SAC/Y-10 adapters, or you can swap for any of the other following adapters by paying the price difference:

  • SBG-P       Set of T shaped rubber adapters - standard on FS-10H
  • SAC-10      Set of hard plastic universal cone adapters fork use.  Fits all bikes with openings under forks
  • SAC/Y-10    Set of con adapters  for R1-R6 for off-line forks. Fits Yamaha and Kawasaki with off-line forks
  • SAR-10      Set of universal pivoting roller adapters.  Universal adapters.  Especially recommended for BMW
  • SAP10       Set of front adapters for radial caliper
  • SAG10       Set of rubber adapters

Available in Red, Blue (while stocks last) or Black

FS-10/H   Front stand with extra lift. Perfect for bikes with radial brakes or 21" front wheel. Available in red only.