CRC - Galv Touch Up

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Specially Designed Corrosion Resistant Coating for Galvanised Steel

CRC Galv Touch Up is a bright silver, fast drying, aluminium rich, corrosion resistant coating for hot-dip galvanised steel and other metal applications such as zinc and aluminium alloys.

CRC Galv Touch up provides the appearance of hot-dip galvanised steel as well as all new zinc steel alloys, and is ideal wherever a bright silver finish is required. It is formulated with a high aluminium content and epoxy binder, providing superior durability against protection agents, moisture and other corrosive agents compared to conventional bright silver paints. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Colour matched to new galvanised steel 
  • Durable epoxy coating 
  • Fast drying, ready to use, bright silver paint
  • New galvanized steel appearance
  • Long term protection of steel with effective corrosion resistance 
  • Excellent adhesion & durability


Touch-up and repair of: 

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Other zinc galvanized steel alloys used in metal roofing and structural beams
  • Where bright silver finish is required 
  • Pre-primed steel sections 
  • Industrial applications where corrosion protection is required