DID 520ERVT Chain

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DID - 520 ERVT Chain

  • New upgrade to the DID 520VT2 Chain
  • New 520 ERVT breaks down the concept of the original motocross chain (non-O-Ring) and adds the benefits of an x-ring
  • More lightweight and longer chain life
  • By adjusting the materials, the 520ERVT is now 2% lighter and has a 15% longer lifespan, all while maintaining the tensile strength
  • The clear choice of Top AMA teams. AMA riders rely on the 520 ERVT to achieve their success!


Pin Length: 18.7mm (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)

Roller Diameter: 10.16mm (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)

Plate Thickness Inner: 1.8 (520ERVT), 2.0 ((520VT2)

Plate Thickness Outer: 2.0 (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)

Weight: 1.46kg (520ERVT), 1.49kg (520VT2)

Tensile Strength: 37.5KN (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)

Seal Type: X-Ring (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)

Wear Resist: 3.500 (520ERVT), 3.060 (520VT2)

Connecting Link: Rivet optional, Press & Clip included (both 520ERVT & 520VT2)