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Poweroad 12v Intelligent Battery charger is a microprocessor controlled charger for all types of types of rechargeable 12V and Lithium batteries.  It comes with 3 modes - motorcycle (2.3 to 14Ah), car (14-120Ah) and a setting for Lithium batteries 2 to 20Ah) the charger will automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery's capacity rating.

Once the battery is fully charged it automatically stops charging and switches to maintain mode -only charging when the voltage drops making it suitable for long term storage. The Poweroad intelligent charger has Polarity reverse protection (and indicator) short circuit protection, over temperature, over current & over voltage protection.

Included with the charger are two sets of detachable battery connections - bulldog battery clamps or eyelet clamps which can be permanently attached to the battery on the bike.