Zeta Impact X3 MX Handguards and replacement plastics - All Colours

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The Zeta Impact X3 handguards feature:

  • Aerodynamic design new handguard
  • Ideal handguard size and design requested by top riders and factory teams
  • Comes with a master cylinder guard, can be adjusted to 2 different positions or can be removed for lighter weight
  • Can be used at various track or race conditions and bikes - protect your hands and master cylinders from mud and rocks
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Replacement plastics shields are available
  • Replacement mounting kits available (DF-ZE74-0910)


  1. Master cylinder guard: 2 adjustable master cylinder guard positions to protect your master cylinder. Can be removed for lighter weight
  2. Handguard Mount Type-2: Clamp-on style universal handguard mounts, made of lightweight plastic. Comes with special handguard mount spacers. 3 handguard mounting positions
  3. Clamp position: Handguard mount is designed to install handguard mount inside of switches or brake/clutch master cylinder on the handlebar without any position adjustment on handlebar. Great to use on recent MX bikes which come with mapping switch and electric start button, which do not have space on the handlebar straight area
  4. Handlebar clamp: Can be mounted even on handlebar curved area - can be used with taper handlebar size from 22.2mm to 23.5mm 
  5. Mount spacer: Adjust handguard angle with mounting spacer when hand guard clamp in installed on handlebar curved area - turn over spacers to change handguard angle