Zeta Pilot Handle - clip-on handlebar with adjustable system - for ROAD - Zeta Street Range

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Developed for comfortable ride and features:

  • Provides many handlebar positions on your bike, great to use for sport riding and touring.
  • Clamp and handlebar are made of A6061-T6 aluminum for durability.
  • Clamp body is CNC machined, available red or titanium anodized colors.
  • Optional handlebar bracket available in 2 different heights, 25mm (ZS03-1941 Ti; ZS03-1945 Red) and 45mm (ZS03-1942 Ti; ZS03-1946 Red).
  • Provides 2 different handlebar angles, 5 degree or 10 degree by changing handlebar bracket position on clamp body.
  • Optional off set plate available if you need more space between OE clamp and handle bracket. (ZS03-1911 Ti-colour; ZS03-1915 Red)
  • Replacement handles available. (ZS03-8002)



Material A6061-T6
Surface finish Color abodized finish
Handlebar outside diameter 22.2mm
Handlebar inside diameter 16mm
Handlebar length 270mm
Clamp thickness 34mm (30mm for clamp diameter)




Size Part number
Fork clamp Ti-color Red
Height ( 45 mm ) Middle ( 25 mm ) Height ( 45 mm ) Middle ( 25 mm )
φ37 ZS03-1371 ZS03-1372 ZS03-1375 ZS03-1376
φ41 ZS03-1411 ZS03-1412 ZS03-1415 ZS03-1416
φ43 ZS03-1431 ZS03-1432 ZS03-1435 ZS03-1436
φ50 ZS03-1501 ZS03-1502 ZS03-1505 ZS03-1506
φ53 ZS03-1531 ZS03-1535 ZS03-1535 ZS03-1536